Franco Ferrarotti


Today considered the dean of Italian Sociology, Franco Ferrarotti is a multifaceted intellectual, apart from being one of the principal protagonists of the institutionalization of Sociology in Italy in the 60’s, he has been a former Deputy of the Italian Republic, then followed by his accademic carreer which ended with his becoming an Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome.

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30 Sept. 2006 International Literary Award Arche’ – V Edition 2006, Anguillara Sabazia città d’arte- Diploma of Honour for literary essays

28 Sept. 2006 Culture Award- City of Santa Marinella- 2006 Edition – Special Award by the President

12 May 2006  Awarded ‘Premio M’imprendo’  in Campidoglio (Rome)

11 Nov. 2005 Honoured the title of ‘Cavaliere di Gran Croce’, Highest Award given by the Italian Republic for Merit

17 July 2004 XVII National Award for Culture and Journalism, Gold Pen Prize, Italy

20 June 2001 Awarded ‘Premio Prof, Luigi Tartufari’ for Sociology, Accademia Nazionale del Lincei, Roma

18 June 2001 Awarded ‘Premio Simpatia’. Campidoglio, Sala della Protomoteca (Rome)

23 June 2000  Awarded ‘Premio Scanno’

21 Nov. 1988 Awarded the Gold Medal to the Value of Culture, Italy



Europe is at a standstill in front of this dilemma: a purely monetary union or an authentic political union? This book explains that the dilemma comes from far and constitutes the original sin of the European Union. Europe has conceded and has so far remained tied to General de Gaulle’s conception of a “Europe of Homelands”, united only by the same currency. But a cuurency which is “queen without a king”, is not enough. It is an orphan currency, designated victim of predatory international speculation.

The first essay, which lends its name to this book, deals with this topic, today crucial for the future of Europe.

The Book